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Today I have time on my hands, and I'm unhappy. The time after "school" ended has been a whirlwind of inactivity. Amy and I have played endless amounts of starcraft. And we've been going through her calculus book, her re-explaining it to me (me feeling like a dullard, having had various levels of calculus, and relatively understood it, but apparently not as fully as I would have liked, so). I'm also missing bits of trig and geometry, having hated that highschool teacher. (it was mutual. I think I started it, though). I've been (in a disappointengly haphazard and disorganized manner) teaching amy vi and java/jsp. These things have taken all my time for the last week or so.

Yesterday was our engagement party. Getting ready for it was an all-day thing, people arriving here and there, then fleshing out into a good drunkfest (pictures up, very few, at http://erif.org/g/ (see 'occasions and vacations'->'engagement party'). Many friends arrived, all of whom I haven't seen enough of. And many friends didn't arrive, all of whom I also haven't seen enough of. (sense a trend?)

Crashed out hard, woke up; cleaning was still happening [or rather, happening again] Amy had mother, sister, and friend crash over. (mother and sister will be here for a while, as well as aunt in a few days, and then we're all off to LA together, and back, and up to sacramento, and... and I need to hang out with various peoples before they disappear to various other regions... it's a busy few weeks, really, and I don't know what happened]

(Amy kicked everyone out late last night (two am, I guess?) because they were being too loud for her [and perhaps our neighbors, though nobody complained to us...], and it *was* late, and... and and and. And she was finally coming down from her margarita buzz, and she had things to do the next day (today), like having breakfast, relaxing, rehydrating, taking her friend to the airport, yadda. yadda.

we were going to see a movie today, but that seems to have not happened. which is fine. (finding nemo, not to be confused with "little nemo (in slumberland)". hmm. that would be a very different movie).

So with all of that: I haven't been doing much work on anything, and I seem to have lost the knack. I don't know what I should be working on, or how. I'm not even sure if I should be working on stuff (I know there's plenty of it, but if I'm not in the groove, it's not worth it... so what can I get myself in to?) I'm in the mood for starcraft; but Amy is with her family. And I'm... dunno.


So I'm restless, uncertain, horny, mild dehydration headache, tons of ideas, apparent time, no coordination: unhappy. Possibly just coming down from (excessive?) happiness, and it seems worse than it is. There was also some unpleasant social interaction with Amy, which really took me from neutral to negative. la la la.

I should probably help clean while they relax some; a balance is hard to find.

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