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:whee: -- where *does* the time GOOOOO?

I did all sorts of vaguely productive things in the vein of that procrastination piece I copied an entry or two ago.

But. So. http://erif.org/chaos/ -- please take a peek! I just finished (I hope) my powerpoint presentation, have it posted there in "pack and go" format... NOT ANYWHERE CLOSE to finished with my actual paper, but I've also posted "what I have so far" there. And I need to touch up my take-home final. Trying to decide whether to sleep or not. :/

[update 3:22am -- touched up the take-home final. it looks... good enough? I'm *not* actually taking the class, so what the hell? And maybe something will come to me in the presence of others, later. Fleshed out the missing bits of the paper something fierce, and have even laid out my results (except for the fact that I still need to *program* them, get them, verify them, and graph them. which may be easier at school, with either mathematica or matlab. well, the graphing bit, at least. the rest I should do tonight. tonight. now. now. but uploaded the latest paper, just in *case* anyone wants to look at it? please? whinepoutbitchmoanyaddayaddayadda. ;)]


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May. 22nd, 2003 11:36 pm (UTC)
Could you post the TeX source? I think that would be easier to critique, if you want me to.
May. 23rd, 2003 09:15 am (UTC)
sure, though I wouldn't expect it to compile nicely on any default system. but as plain (La)TeX[t], the paper exists at http://erif.org/chaos/fire03chaosbrain.tex :)

I should post about how things went.

just woken up after crashing hard last night. didn't sleep night o'paper/presentation. But I'm "on call" for a site. that is very temperamental. very very. but that has an automated nanny watching over it. So I'm basically getting called now and then to watch the nanny do its thing, and try to understand WHY THE HELL it needs to. :)
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