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some new photos up

and a new photo gallery thinger. I'm really excited about it, and I'm not quite sure why. But it's a really professionally put together software package (I had/have nothing to do with its development), for free, and it WORKS. Well, that's part of it being professional, methinks. I'm really impressed. There are little tweaks here and there that I'd prefer, but... they're working on 2.0 now, and I'm to understand that will be amazing beyond belief. ;) :)

http://erif.org/g/ is where I've put (so far) one new album of pics. I'm sure these will all move, eventually... but for now, it's totally awesome. =)

And... Hmm. Ew, I just remembered that I made tea about three hours ago. I think that will have steeped a bit... much. Bitter, anyone? :) I've gotten nothing done, practically, today. Though I broke the webmail on my server a few days ago (a week ago, maybe) and... installed a new version of it which is MUCH spiffer. So I'm happy things are just... working, today. It's a rare day when things just work for me. A very rare day.

[update: it's now 3:30am, and I still haven't dealt with that tea. But I've put a couple hundred megs worth of photos into the gallery at http://erif.org/g/, in several albums, with many sub-albums, and I *continue* to be impressed]

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