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current proceedings

I haven't worked out in ages, and my belly is really beginning to protrude. It's quite disgusting, espcially when I look down at it while I'm hunched over, typing this. :/

The chaos paper is coming along nicely, give or take. Nobody has time to give it a serious read-through, and that's doubly hampered by the fact that I'm not writing it in a serious manner (perhaps). But I'm up to 15 (relevant) articles cited from various journals (and conferences, and...) spanning the topics of chaos (of course), consciousness, neuroscience, computation, optics, math, and atmospheric studies. I'm at five pages, and haven't TOUCHED the "meat" of the paper that I want to present. Doing an insane amount of "this is background that you should have to piece together everything" (and really, a lot of rambling. but... oh well? I like the rambling, and it's hard to worry about it when I'm generally having fun, and it's not REALLY for a grade...) Again, while in production, it's at http://alethe.net/~k/chaos/outline.pdf

Last night I played a long game of starcraft with a friend [and 3 computers, freeforall], and won a solid victory. Protoss+lots of time+lots of minerals == fleet of carriers, many dark archons, AND many fleets of snails + crabs. I missed getting terrans, but that's okay. It was a good game. I think he plays better than I do, and it was just my nasty tricks with going over the standard unit cap that got it for me.


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May. 18th, 2003 10:33 am (UTC)
Yer paper sounds interesting... is there gonna be a dumbed down version for those of us without the technical knowledge for it (a la the Dancing Wu-Li Masters or whatever that book on quantum physics was, or G.E.B.)?

Also, re: Starcraft; last LAN I went to someone had a fleet of like 25 carriers and nothing else... it was hilarious.
May. 18th, 2003 02:09 pm (UTC)
:hehe: I do like my carrier fleets. :)

25 is impressive. though I suppose if they then killed off all their drones, they could have gotten 33. That would be downright frightening. (haven't tried) I think I'll have to at some point. ;)

As for the paper... I'm trying to introduce all concepts at a "no apriori knowldege level", so if you point out the parts you couldn't get through, I'll try to flesh them out more. I've become a little too familiar with the material (at least in parts) to make good calls on that. Though I may give up (especially as the deadline draws near), it would be good to know. :)
May. 19th, 2003 11:04 am (UTC)
That was one thing that I actually found a little annoying in Brood Wars. The Protoss, unless beaten in the early to mid game, will always win on a high resources map. Unless everyone else on the map is protoss, or something. Just because they can, without too much difficulty, have twice as many units as any other person. Three times if they work at it a little. That and the combination of terran onion defenses with templars is pretty devestating.
May. 19th, 2003 11:31 am (UTC)
Re: starcrack
ooh, I hadn't considered terran (bunkers==onions?) with templars. :giggle: that sounds tasty =)

presuming you can select units for their special abilities while they're in one. I'm going to have to test, I suppose. can you fit Archons in there? only two, or the whole four? :giggles like a schoolgirl:

everybody I know tends to play protoss. Though I'm trying to get people to move to warcraft3 for something "new". But. eh. and one of these days, sc2... I hope.
May. 19th, 2003 11:57 am (UTC)
Re: starcrack
The onion defense is a design for terran base defense. Goes well beyond just bunkers. You incorporate a mixture of bunkers, supply depots, and occassional missle turrets and siege tanks, and the base becomes almost impregnible. You can then use wraithsor battle cruisers, often with some valkyries, as a sort of cavalry, ranging out from a base to attack opposing troops. You have to modify the way your layers are placed a little based on what race you plan on facing first, but the end result is a very, very compact and pretty much impregnible base. And especially since the reflex for most human opponents is to charge through a breach, it's very dangerous. If they pour troops into a breach they managed to force in the outer defenses, it just exposes their troops to more fire. The only way to take down defenses like this is to peel them layer at a time, hence onion defenses. When using this tactic, you advance by using wraiths and battle cruisers as an attack force, and drop people out of drop ships. You _only_ worry about resource spots, and don't try to hold choke points at all, as those just take up your defensive resources without contributing to the whole "onion" defense thing. Advantages include having enough supply depots (since you're using them to control troop flow towards bunkers) that you can lose tons of them and still not run short. When a given base runs out of resources, you can just empty all the bunkers, move the base itself, and move any important structures as well. The only major disadvantage that I've seen is that because of the manpower needed for this tactic, you can't mount manpower intensive attacks. Your attacking force wil consist of the aforementioned fleet of wraiths and battle cruisers taking advantage of nuclear strikes, or, if facing protoss, emp then nuclear strikes.

And as far as everyone playing protoss, they're a tough race to go against, particularly with the whole psi storm thing. You just have to annoy them into wasting psi storms and attack from all sides at once. The bunkers, well, you can't actually use special abilities from inside bunkers. You can, however, pop the templar out, storm, and back in very quickly if you get used to it. Practice by using ghosts to lock down units from bunkers. And I think you can only fit one archon in a bunker, which means that it's not really worth it with their poor range. Useful if you see a science vessel coming up towards your archon, though.
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