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trading, trading, trading...

I decided to try daytrading again. I did reasonably well a few years ago, and... being jobless but still having some small amount of savings, I thought maybe I could work my money that way. It's an income, and not too difficult, though possibly a little stressful. The method I made up seems to work most of the time. Probably any method would work for the nickles and dimes I'm making ($75 on $4000, then $25 in broker fees -> $50 profit.) Which would be... well, it's not much, but it was 15 minutes of work. That's fine. I should be able to turn that around and keep going, but... I came against a wall that wasn't THERE last time I traded. "Proceeds of a sale may not be included as 'cash' before the settlement date - which is generally three business days." i.e. I can't just turn the money around and make some more. One piddly buy/sell and I have to wait three days. :/


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