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chaos paper continues

I got, if nothing else, some enthusiastic feedback on my chaos abstract from splorg. Everyone else (including the professor) is being quiet. So, in response to the splorg response I've been working at explaining myself (which is the point of a paper, no?). Set a premise, and then explain/prove it. And since I'm oh-so-lightly touching a *lot* of stuff that other folks may or may not want to delve into more deeply, I didn't want to write a thing without documenting it. So I'm hunting papers and their references, trying to find the best "first-hand/primary source" stuff to reference. AND I'm writing, at least a little. And I'm notching all of these beauties in BibTeX, which is just cool. Took me a bit to get BibTeX working, but... the largest problem was I accidentally used parens instead of curlies when defining the bibliography style. The smaller problem being fixed while I figured out the larger one, which was that I didn't have the sample referenced bibstyle. What I've done can be seen at http://alethe.net/~k/chaos/outline.pdf -- this WILL move, be renamed, and all sorts of other things, but it's there for now. Under Construction, and all that. ;)

I'm trying to decide if I'm going to be up all night. I slept from 2a to 5p or so last night, after being up for two days. Not a big deal other than that I should be on a human schedule come Friday. I think I'll try to stick it out and then sleep a bit early Thursnight. Or something like that.

I was going to work on Gradebook tonight. I may, still. I'm having trouble concentrating on anything, though at least dabbling with the chaos paper is "progress" of a sort. 90% of the folks I sent "bemused version 1 release candidate 1" to are still mulling it over. Positive reviews, so far. But... I need more. I know it needs work. I need help picking out where, exactly; suggestions are even more welcome. But. I should be working. And I keep thinking about that, and unfinished projects I shouldn't be working on, or maybe should but REALLY don't want to, and... and... and wonder if maybe a little coffee wouldn't help me past whatever block I'm having. I feel guilty for not working on amy's project. :/

I hate reading papers onscreen. Though it is nice that most everything I find referenced and want to follow up on tends to be available SOMEWHERE in pdf. :)

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