quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I'm a l33+ h4cKer!

Okay. So nothing that interesting, really; at best, I'm a "real" developer now, in that I can think the way other developers think... and ... yeah. Or at least, "real php developers", whatever the hell those are. ;)


has no obvious way to join, unless you want to pay. They *say* they do, but once you get to the join page, there's only visa/mastercard links. Scraping the page is no help. The links just... yeah. So I guessed a couple of URLs. Really, a small handful. They're using php modules, so the "join/Register" page everything pointed to was "modules.php?name=Welcome"; the for-pay page was name=Register. I tried name=Join, which complained that that module wasn't active. But name=Weclome (yes, that was a typo) wasn't active either. So it probably wasn't an installed module or anything like that.

"user menu" pointed to name=Your_Account. "lost password" pointed to name=Your_Account&op=pass_lost. So I tried name=Your_Account&op=join, which didn't do anything special (but didn't break; interesting...) and then name=Your_Account&op=new_user

blingblingbling! the form. and it worked, too. :)

sorry, I think that's my feelgood for the day.

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