quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

colors colors, nowhere colors?

Well, I want people to be able to read this, so I didn't go crazy with colors. I started with the color scheme I use for my own site, and them played around with it a bit. This one is definitely... cooler, or, "colder" is more what I mean.

kinda neat. it's a little too cold for my tastes, leaning too much towards "professional" or, better, "businesslike" (because there's professional and there's profesionnal...) la la la. I think these colors are a lot easier to read and a lot easier on the eyes than any of the default schemes. Dunno what other folks think. It's tempting to donate (or become a member or whatever the terminology is) to see if I can come up with a nicer scheme (they only let you play with schemes when you pay). Which is eminently fair. I think it's cool that they've set this up. I'm just not sure I'm going to stick with it.

It's also tempting to check out their developer board system and see if there's anything I can do there to help, but... we'll see if I stick with this at all, neh? 3 posts in one day that noone will ever look at, most likely. ;) We'll see if any of them get comments. I don't see why they would. I'd like 'em, though. Whee. :)

Where is the edge of consciousness -- between here and there, where at one point memories are formed of sensations and the next some neurotransmitter is blocking them (or some lack of neurotransmitter is blocking them) and you are asleep.... (of course, that's not it, that's too simple, even wrong, but ... it's kinda it. kinda.) There's so much more to it.

Next post? I'm straying, and it might be interesting. Something I've wanted to get down for some time. This seems like a great place to place random thoughts for later playback. I suppose in some sense (a main one, perhaps) that's what a journal is. Strange, that.

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